On the promotion date, our distribution team arrives at your chosen locations at the time agreed and Begin to promote as per your instruction. For no additional cost our promotion team can use your branded clothing and uniforms as we believe when delivering we are promoting your business, not ours.

In Store Activation

Store Activation are used to build popularity and give the consumer an experience that will make them feel a real personal connection to the company.

 In store retail marketing activation, can help a customer choose one brand over another inside a store.

Event Exhibitions

We set up outdoor events for our clients. We will set up gazebos, Point of Sale, tables and chairs if needed, carpets, ice coolers, sampling stock, prize tables, giveaways, leaflets etc.

 These events can be very effective for promotions as there is generally more time for our promoters to engage with the public.

Outdoor Promotions

Our Promotion Squads - focus on reach with sampling and education.

 A squad is a team of four promoters, creating disruptive excitement to provide a memorable experience associated with the Brand. They distribute samples and leaflets while engaging the public to participate in brand competitions.



The company has a dedicated team who aim is to provide the perfect ambassadors for any event/ work . We build long term relationships with our clients, constantly striving to have the best, most gorgeous and consistent promotional and marketing talent available.