On the distribution date, our distribution team arrives at your chosen locations at the time agreed and Begin to hand out your flyers as per your instruction. For no additional cost our distributors can use your branded clothing and uniforms as we believe when delivering we are promoting your business, not ours.

Traffic Interesections

On average traffic lights stops traffic for 2-to-3 minutes, which allows our distributor to step off the pavement 160 to 200 times per 8 hour working day.

Our target is to get 3-to-5 drivers to take a flyer at each robot change, therefore each distributor can hand-out 300-to-500 flyers per day.

Busy Streets

We can place our distributors at the street corners of  any busy street intersection at peak periods such as early morning or evening rush hours.

This method can be used to promote an upcoming event, sale, a grand opening, a special or just to create awareness for your products and services. 

Residential drop

Our distributors can conduct a flyer distribution campaign directly to the homes of your target market in various residential areas.

We then give you a distribution report detailing the number of homes reached, roads covered and any other relevant information that may be useful.


Windscreen Drop

This is an effective distribution method for increasing awareness, branding and promoting events, store openings & Specials.

Flyers are strategically placed directly on a car windscreens of parked vehicles at shopping centers or at events where they will  be picked up. 

Taxi Ranks

This is an effective method for increasing awareness, branding and promotions events, store openings and specials. 

We place distributors at Local Taxi ranks to handout flyers to would be commuters and pedestrians around the taxi rank area. 

School Run Drop

We  can have our distributors located at your targeted schools ready to hand out your flyers to parents during the peak times of the school runs. 

School runs usually increase traffic jams that create a captive audience of parents rushing to school and work. 


We limit the amount of work each distributor does to between 250 and 500 flyers per day. This ensures that our distributors are always energetic and ready to work. We would rather spread the risk across 5 distributors than just one distributor delivering 2000 flyers. In this way, if we find a problem distributor we can pick them out of the system while minimizing damage.